Old wine in new wineskins? The EU’s Migration Partnership Framework

Schwerpunktwoche Herbsttagung Netzwerk Migrationsrecht 2017


Natasja Reslow profile picture black whiteIn response to the ‘migration crisis’ of 2015-2016, the European Commission launched the Migration Partnership Framework in 2016. This framework was heralded as a new way in which EU member states, the EU institutions, and non-EU countries can work together to manage migratory flows. But how new is this approach really? In order to answer this question, this blog post compares the content of the Partnership Framework and the Mobility Partnerships along three dimensions: the role of readmission and visa facilitation; the policy areas covered; and the conditionality applied. Furthermore, it explains the format and the (yet) unknown dimensions in order to analyse whether the Migration Partnership Framework are a case of ‘old wine in new wineskins’. Weiterlesen …