Conference “The Lisbon Treaty 10 Years On. Reflections on the Future of European Integration”, 21 June 2019 at the European House / Representation of the European Commission in Germany in Berlin

What is it all about?

At the conclusion of the Lisbon decade the EU is facing unprecedented challenges shaking common foundations previously held dear and thought to be safe and sound. Just before the inaugural session of the new European Parliament, the conference aims to develop scientifically based policy proposals for key EU policies: Economic and Monetary Union, the area of freedom, security and justice; social Europe and finally on institutional issues. We also like to have controversial and opposing positions to speak.


Participate! Discuss!

You are invited to apply to our Call for Papers for 20-minute presentation in one of the issue areas! We call for Papers until 26 April 2019, directed at (max. 5.000 characters).

The conference programme

After an opening address young researchers will give presentations to which experienced EU law experts will respond with a commentary. The conference concludes with a panel discussion and a reception. The conference will be accompanied on the JuWissBlog. The contributions will be published in a special issue of the journal “Europarecht”.

Contact & Support

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The conference is organised by the Junge Wissenschaft im Öffentlichen Recht e.V., kindly supported by Noerr LLP, Verlag Kohlhammer, Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft and Walther-Schücking-Gesellschaft and with kind support of the European Commission.