Tagung „Europe with the regions: Regionalization and democratization in the EU”

The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence PRRIDE (“Positioning Regions and
Regionalism in a Democratic Europe”) is pleased to announce an
international conference taking place at Eberhard Karls University in
Tübingen, Germany.

The PRRIDE conference “Europe with the regions: Regionalization and
democratization in the EU” is taking place from May 11 to May 13,

Today processes of territorial decentralization are underway in many
EU member states. Also many regions aim to become more active players
in EU affairs at both the domestic and the EU level (e.g. within the
subsidiarity monitoring mechanism). In addition, the formation of
transborder macro-regional strategies is a prominent tool in EU
regional policy for many regions across Europe.

The 2017 PRRIDE conference „Europe with the regions: Regionalization
and democratization in the EU“ will shed light on these trends. The
3-day conference will bring together expertise from political science
scholars working in various fields such as European integration
theory, theories of democracy and participation, comparative politics
and comparative federalism, and regionalization and decentralization
studies, and is furthermore supposed to serve as a link to other
disciplines dealing with regionalism such as law and political
On three days, across various panels participants will not only
discuss the state of the art in theorizing and conceptualizing
regionalization in Europe (afternoon of Day 1), but also empirical
examples (from various multi-disciplinary perspectives; Day 2), and –
last but not least – normative questions regarding the democratic
potential of regions and macro-regional cooperation in Europe and
beyond (morning session on Day 3).

Please save the date. The PRRIDE team is currently working on all the
details regarding the confrence and will contact the scientific
community again as soon as possible.

For further information on PRRIDE, please visit our website:

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